Framework for Authentic Intellectual Work

This visual representation of the AIW Framework presents the big picture of Authentic Intellectual Work: identifying the criteria for educators to consider when analyzing and implementing authenticity in the classroom.

Criteria Standards
Instruction (Lessons Taught) Tasks (Assignments) Student Performance (Student Work)
Construction of Knowledge Higher Order Thinking Construction of Knowledge Construction of Knowledge
Disciplined Inquiry Deep Knowledge and Student Understanding Elaborated Communication Conceptual Understanding
Substantive Conversation Elaborated Communication
Value Beyond School Value Beyond School Value Beyond School (Student performance is not scored on this standard)

The first column outlines the three criteria of authenticity: Construction of Knowledge, Disciplined Inquiry, and Value Beyond School.

The other columns present the artifacts that are used to gauge the extent to which the AIW criteria are present: instruction, tasks, and student performance. The standards are situated under each artifact. These standards promote instructional improvement and student achievement. Lastly, each row in the framework presents the connection between the artifacts for each of the criteria and the accompanying standards.

The AIW Scoring Guide utilizes this framework, explaining the framework in greater detail and offering rubrics to guide the work of implementing AIW across grades and subject areas. Explore the AIW Vision for more information about the three criteria and related artifacts.