The AIW Institute partners with schools and districts to ensure that ALL students have access to intellectually rigorous learning experiences that have value beyond school. We call this Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW). Guided by the AIW framework and over 20 years of research, we help develop and facilitate collaborative teacher teams to analyze examples of instruction, teacher-created tasks and student performance.

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Authentic Intellectual Work: Three Criteria

The AIW Institute offers professional development that is …

COLLABORATIVE … The AIW Institute brings teachers and administrators together, along with AIW coaches, to achieve the 3 criteria that reflect high quality authentic intellectual work.

REFLECTIVE …To accomplish this, we explore the following question within collaborative, interdisciplinary teacher teams: To what extent do our instruction and assessments require students to construct knowledge, engage in disciplined inquiry and produce learning products that have value beyond school?

RESPONSIVE & RESPECTFUL … We operate within the context of your school and are responsive to your needs. We respect - and build upon - the existing expertise of participating teachers and administrators.

COHERENT … A framework for powerful teaching and learning is necessary for instructional coherence across grades and subject areas in a school. AIW professional learning supports and integrates various initiatives, processes, and curricula including: RTI/MTSS, PBL, and PLCs. Read more



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